Mmmmmm, MacBook Rumors

A set of rumors about Macs have popped up on MacRumors, posted one minute apart for reasons.


Apple plans to release new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models with scissor keyboards in the second quarter of 2020, according to a new research note today from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, obtained by MacRumors.

… and second:

In a research note today, obtained by MacRumors, Kuo said Apple plans to launch MacBook models with its own custom processors in the fourth quarter of 2020 or the first quarter of 2021. Kuo did not indicate whether these will be MacBook Pro or MacBook Air models, or both, nor did he share any further details.

Kuo also believes that Apple will introduce MacBook models with an all-new design in the second or third quarter of 2021, but again, he did not indicate whether these will be Pro or Air models. The last significant redesign of the MacBook Pro occurred in October 2016, while the MacBook Air received a major redesign in October 2018.

I really hope the first story comes to pass soon. It’s really hard to recommend the otherwise-great MacBook Air.

The second report is pretty interesting in light of current events. Can Apple start the transition to ARM without an in-person WWDC? Of course, but it may be more difficult that way. Likewise, I’m sure Apple would like to be able to work more freely with China’s supply chain if these products are coming soon, but with the world the way it is, I can imagine things get trickier when it comes to work like this.