Restoring macOS on Apple silicon Macs →

Mr. Macintosh, with the order in which you should try things when reinstalling macOS on an Apple silicon Mac:

  1. macOS Recovery
  2. System Recovery – (Will boot automatically if macOS Recovery is unavailable)
  3. macOS Big Sur USB Installer Drive – (External boot for macOS Installers is enabled by default on Apple Silicon)
  4. Apple Configurator 2 REVIVE option – This option will reinstall macOS Recovery (retains user data on the SSD hard drive)
  5. Apple Configurator 2 RESTORE option – This option will Reinstall macOS Recovery, ERASE your SSD hard drive and reinstall macOS

These Macs are great, but the weirdness they bring to the table just builds on what the T1 and T2 brought with them.