Several Apps Make the M1 Move 

This week, several Mac apps have been updated to support Apple silicon natively.

The biggest title is Adobe Photoshop. Darrell Etherington has details on TechCrunch:

Per internal testing, Adobe says that users should see improvements of up to 1.5x faster performance on a number of different features offered by Photoshop, vs. the same tasks being done on the emulated version. That’s just the start, however, since Adobe says it’s going to continue to coax additional performance improvements out of the software on Apple Silicon in collaboration with Apple over time. Some features are also still missing from the M1-friendly addition, including the ‘Invite to Edit Cloud Documents’ and ‘Preset Syncing’ options, but those will be ported over in future iterations as well.

The new version also includes a machine learning-powered feature for upscaling images, which is something I know a thing or two about.

1Password has also been updated. I was surprised, as I honestly thought it was already native on my M1 MacBook Pro. Rosetta 2 is good. As normal, there are a lot of other goodies in the new version.

Magic Lasso is native now as well, which is great news if you’re a Safari user looking for a really good ad blocker.

Most surprisingly to me was Toast DVD. I don’t use Toast very often, but when I do, it’s the only tool to get the job done.

Now we just need some more Apple silicon Macs to make their way into the world.