Chevy Unveils Electric Silverado →

Andrew Hawkins, writing at The Verge:

At launch, the Silverado EV will be available in two configurations: an RST First Edition and a fleet-oriented Work Truck (WT) model. Both models will get more than 400 miles of range on a full charge (though that number still needs to be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency).

The base model work truck will start at $39,900, while the fully loaded RST First Edition, named because it will be first off the assembly line in spring 2023, will sell for the suggested price of $105,000. Chevy says that after production ramps up, various versions of the truck will be available for $50,000–$80,000. The automaker is already taking reservations.

Some of the features Hawkins outlines in his article are pretty clever, but I don’t love the looks of this truck. It’s too Avalanche-y for me.

It’ll be out a year later than the F-150 Lightning, with fewer trim levels at first, plus it comes with some unusual styling touches. One of the things I love about the Lightning is that it looks like a normal truck. I think that’s a big deal.

Speaking of the Lightning, Ford released its online configurator yesterday … and oh mama. I had my eye on an extended-range XLT trim, but to get the 300-mile battery, Ford tacks on nearly $10,000 worth of other options:

  • XLT Standard Range: $52,974
  • XLT Extended Range: $72,474
  • Lariat Standard Range: $67,474
  • Lariat Extended Range: $77,474

This has left the Lightning without a reasonable mid-range option in my mind, which is a shame. It really complicates the purchasing decision for people not wanting to spend $70,000 or more on a truck.