Apple’s 27% →

As pointed out by MacRumors among other sites, Apple has updated its developer website to include details concerning payments outside of the App Store, which are now available for dating apps in the Netherlands, via a court order.

I didn’t think Apple would make this process easy for developers. It wants to keep as many of these apps in the App Store as possible, but some of the details here are just ridiculous.

Check out the text the company is going to require developers to show on a modal sheet prior to allowing users to go outside the App Store to make a payment:

Title: This app does not support the App Store’s private and secure payment system

Body: All purchases in the App Name app will be managed by the developer “Developer Name.” Your stored App Store payment method and related features, such as subscription management and refund requests, will not be available. Only purchases through the App Store are secured by Apple.

Ticci nailed it: