Mac Power Users #639: Software Club: Greg Pierce and Drafts →

This week, David and I are launching a new episode type on Mac Power Users. Generally speaking, we have three primary formats for our episodes:

  • Shows where we dive deep on a topic, app or other subject
  • Interview shows where we talk to folks about their work, their setups, etc.
  • Feedback shows where we revisit things talked about on the first two episodes. These are generally recorded every 6-8 weeks.

The fourth, dubbed “Software Club” is a bit of a mix of the first two. Our plan is to talk about an app, then bring the developer on for a shorter interview, focusing on their app, and not necessarily their workflows, etc.

Episode 639 is out now:

In the inaugural meeting of the Software Club, David and Stephen talk about Drafts and their use of the application. Then they are joined by Drafts developer Greg Pierce to talk about the app’s community of users, its 10th anniversary and how Greg uses Drafts himself.

I’m excited about this new episode format, and we’re already planning future installments, so David and I would love your feedback on this one.