Reminders Feature Request: Better List Support on macOS

I’ve been using Reminders since WWDC and have been happy with the progress the app has made since the summer.

However, one UI inconsistency is really getting to me. I’ll quote myself from the Feedback I filed (#FB11779798) with Apple today:

On the iPhone and iPad, the task inspection pane can move the tasks to a different list. On macOS, the pane lacks this option, and the only way to move a task to a different list is via drag and drop. The iPhone and iPad UI should be present on the Mac for the best usability between devices.

You can see the discrepancy in these two screenshots:

In general, I think bringing iOS-first user interfaces to the Mac is clumsy at best,1 but I’d make the trade for a more useful — and usable — Reminders app on macOS.

  1. Cough, System Settings, cough, cough.