37signals Resubmits Its Calendar App, Includes Dates in Apple History to Get Past App Review

There’s been a lot of news about HEY’s new calendar app being rejected by App Store Review. In a lengthy X thread discussing the issue, David Heinemeier Hansson revealed that HEY has resubmitted the app to Apple, this time with some built-in content that seems awfully familiar:

He goes on:

For each of my three Kickstarters, I’ve included digital versions of the highlighted dates for people to import into their calendar apps.

Here’s HEY’s included calendar data:

HEY History Calendar

…and some of the work I’ve done over the years:

History Calendar Example

To be clear, from these screenshots, it doesn’t seem like HEY copied my direct work or research, and I only came across this after someone sent me a link to DHH’s tweets.

(Also: I think Apple’s rejection of HEY’s app is silly, just as it was last time, despite the company’s history.)

It’s a real bummer to feel like I’ve been ripped off by a much bigger company, seeing them pitch something I’ve worked hard on as a free feature in their app. There’s some irony there.

Update: On January 9, Apple approved Hey Calendar, complete with the demo data.