Kbase Article of the Week: FireWire 2.5 and 2.4: Document and Software →

And to think some people believe USB-C is confusing:

FireWire 2.5 is a component of the Mac OS. The FireWire 2.5 software includes three system extensions:

  • FireWire Support: This extension adds services to the Mac OS to support the use of FireWire hardware and software.
  • FireWire Enabler: This extension adds hardware-specific support for certain FireWire interfaces.
  • FireWire CardBus Enabler: This extension adds hardware-specific support for the Newer FireWire 2 Go CardBus interface, for use with PowerBook computers.

FireWire 2.5 fixes two issues that may be experienced by customers who are presently using FireWire 2.4 or an earlier version:

  • FireWire 2.5 supports more devices on a single FireWire bus. FireWire 2.4 and earlier versions often could not handle more than about ten FireWire devices.
  • FireWire 2.5 fixes an issue that could cause FireWire devices to work incorrectly when the computer is shut down.

If you want to use FireWire digital video devices with your computer, you need the latest version of QuickTime, which contains the necessary drivers.