The 512 Pixels Merch Store →

I’m happy to announce that 512 Pixels now has a permanent merch store over on Cotton Bureau. At launch, I’ve got five shirts for sale. Three of the designs are back from the vault, updated for 2024, with a new 512 Pixels logo shirt and a design celebrating the original iPod1 joining the collection:

These designs are all available on-demand, and ship within a few days. Cotton Bureau is offering free shipping on orders placed before July 11 with the discount code HBDCB11.

Members of 512 Pixels get 10% off their orders. Discount codes were emailed yesterday! For most folks the free shipping code means bigger savings, but the membership discount will stick around after the 11th.

  1. Initially, this group of shirts had five options, but after chatting with some friends, I decided to add the 3rd-generation iPod shirt. I was holding onto this design for release later in the year, but we thought it deserved to see light of day now.

    Yes, the third-gen is my favorite.