App Brings Handwriting to iPhone 

Macworld’s Brian Beam has posted a review of SpeedText, an iPhone app that allows users to create notes using handwriting as opposed to the iPhone’s software keyboard.

Of course, this type of app stirs up memories of the Newton. Beam:

So yes — SpeedText doesn’t approach the nerdy-coolness of the Newton. Then again, most people don’t have a Newton lying around the back of their closet. In that case then, the app is a solid note-taker, particularly if you’d prefer scribbling to the built-in keyboard of the iPhone or iPod touch and so long as your note needs remain simple. SpeedText can certainly handle simple notes — at least until something better comes along.

After using the $2 app for a while this afternoon, I’ve decided I don’t like. Handwriting worked on the Newton so well in part because of the stylus. Writing with my index finger is inexact and slower than typing.