The $99 Touchpad

This morning, the HP Touchpad’s price was slashed to $99 at most resellers.

Within hours, most resellers had sold out of the ill-fated device.

This is a pretty crazy situation. This week, HP announced it would no longer be shipping any webOS-powered hardware, including the Touchpad, which is less than 2 months old. And yet, at $99, most nerds I know seriously considered pulling the trigger on one.

So, would the Touchpad have succeeded at a lower price, or was today’s rush simply a scramble at what is probably the best — and last, at least for now — webOS device?

Whatever the truth may be, I still think HP’s shuttering of the division — and the spinning off of its consumer PC division — is still pretty shocking. Maybe HP can see that its future is most secure in the enterprise end of things. Or maybe everyone over there has lost their minds.