Writing About Apple 

Chris Rawson at TUAW:

But first you have to decide what kind of Apple writer you’ll be. Will you be the kind of writer who takes a step back from the linkbaiting Controversy of the Week, calmly and logically analyzes the situation, and then writes objectively about it? Will you keep your BS detector active and not believe every single rumor that blooms on your RSS feed? Will you have the patience and foresight to analyze past trends before predicting future performance, even if it means dragging yourself across a desert of spreadsheets and financial statements?

If you’re saying to yourself, “Nah, that all sounds like work,” and you’re not worried about sounding dumb when you write about Apple, then by all means, write whatever comes into your head without putting it through a logic filter first. You’ll have absolutely zero credibility among anyone who doesn’t actively loathe Apple, but at least your page views will be through the roof.