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Thanks to Wet Frog Studios for sponsoring the 512 Pixels RSS feed this week!

Wet Frog Studios is the freelance design business run by Aaron Mahnke, out of the Boston area. Aaron is known for his minimal-yet-powerful logo designs, as well as a number of podcast album covers, book covers, and a growing selection of iOS app icons.

Focusing on creating identities for new and existing projects, Aaron helps clients all over the world create consistency in their brands. Whether you are launching a new blog, or building the next Instagram, you might want to start your identity search with Aaron. He’s professional, affordable and easy to work with. And he has a beard. Which is supposed to be important, right?

I’ve worked with Aaron on numerous projects, including the Forkbombr → 512 Pixels transition. He’s a great designer, and unlike some people in the field, won’t try to screw you over. I can’t recommend him enough if you have a logo or brand you need to have created or massaged.