My Podcasting Rig [Updated] 

In January, I wrote about my podcasting setup, built around the Blue Yeti USB microphone.

I still have my Yeti (well, a replacement, after my original mic fell off the roof of my car and died), and still love it.

But it’s now my at-home setup. My main rig has gotten a big upgrade.

I’m now using the Rode Podcaster.

(Nerds may recognize this mic from Dan Benjamin’s gear guide from 2011.)

The mic is attached to the Rode PSM 1 shockmount and Rode PSA 1 swivel mount.

I really can’t say enough good things about this mic. It’s crystal clear — a big upgrade from the already good Yeti.

I’m still using my Sennheiser HD–280 PRO headphones. The Rode Podcaster — like the Yeti — comes with a headphone jack built-in, so you can hear your own input in real-time, not after its processed by the computer. The volume for this will get so loud that it will pull your face right off your skull. It’s a little ridiculous.

The arm is well-balanced. Adding my screw-on pop filter makes the arm want to lean toward the microphone. (Rode will tell you the pop filter isn’t needed, but I am very prone to popping. I blame the South.)

The arm can be screwed in to a desk, but it also comes with a clamp, for temporary setup. The clamp is nice and strong. I’ve got it attached to my desk right now, and even without breaking my hand tightening it, it feels very solid.

It even comes with little velcro ties to route the USB cable along the groove in the top of the arm. The whole thing is nice and neat looking.

All-in-all, I’m excited about using this hardware on The 512 Podcast and Ungeniused. It will only improve the shows.

Plus, with a big mic on the end of a big arm, I feel much more professional. I may even start wearing pants while recording.