The Magazine Gains Sharing and Web Subscriptions »


I hastily built a basic site while I was waiting for the app to be approved. I only needed it to do two things: send people to the App Store, and show something at the sharing URLs for each article. Since The Magazine had no ads, and people could only subscribe in the app, I figured there was no reason to show full article text on the site — it could only lose money and dilute the value of subscribing.

That was the biggest mistake I’ve made with The Magazine to date.

I’m glad that Marco is opening things up a bit. When my article was published, lots of people were talking about it, and it would have been nice to have the whole thing public. While Marco’s policy of letting writers publish their pieces on their own sites later is great, this move is a great one for generating conversation after an article is pushed to The Magazine’s readers.

The Magazine is perhaps the most interesting thing happening at the intersection of journalism and Apple at the moment. Don’t miss Marco’s interview with Ben Brooks, in which they discuss publishing, iPads and more.