On Android, the Play Store and Nerd Rage

Yesterday, I wrote this:

The reality is that Android isn’t a hobby anymore. It’s a major player in the mobile space, and Google needs to take security far more seriously than it does.

A good first step would be reviewing apps as they are submitted to the Play Store.

I know Google won’t ever build the sort of system of rules that Apple uses to police its App Store. I’m not suggesting the company should. Google could still allow crazy-ass apps and utilities on the Store.

Google can allow Android to keep its “open” moniker and offer its users a more secure platform. Android wouldn’t have to lose its personality for the sake of security.

This morning, Myke and I were discussing it, and he said something that really made me think:

They cornered themselves in to the ‘open ethos’ and now they can’t get out.

If Google were to start actually giving a shit policing apps as they were put into the Play Store, there’s a large contingent of nerds who — after lighting themselves on fire — would be very upset with the company.

While I think such outrage would be very shortsighted, it would definitely be real, and I think Google knows it. However, keeping Android the way it is out of fear of the angry nerds isn’t good for anyone.

Google should be brave enough to do what’s right here.