I pre-ordered an Apple Watch and lived to talk about it

I’m tired this morning for the same reason many of you are: I pre-ordered an Apple Watch in the middle of the night.

The very fact that I — an some untold number of others — woke up (or stayed up) to do so isn’t as surprising as it once was. I’ve ordered a handful of iPhones this way over the last few years.

As in the past, the Apple Store app was the way to go. Even with having to bounce out to 1Password to get my credit card’s security code, I had ordered my 42 MM Apple Watch with black sport band on my iPad before the online store came back up from maintenance.

That said, my night awake has paid off. My Watch is in the first batch to be shipped, but currently, many models are available to ship in June. Unlike the iPhone 6 which was still available for fast shipping the next morning, Apple’s clearly got a supply and demand problem here.

After ordering, I made an appointment to go check out the Watch at my local Apple Store later today. I’m a little worried to try the Sport, as I opted to go with the heavier model. I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on the Apple Store demo and how that new MacBook keyboard feels.