Some iPhone Reading

The original iPhone was introduced ten years ago today. Here’s some stuff you should send to your read-it-later service:

Apple: iPhone at Ten »
The company that used to never look back looks back yet again.

Internet History Podcast: The History of the iPhone »
How we got from Newton to iPhone. Also, the ROKR was a thing.

The Prompt #30: The Internet in Your Pocket »
Three years ago, Myke Hurley, Federico Viticci and I spent over two hours walking through the iPhone keynote.

New York Times: And Then Steve Said, ‘Let There Be an iPhone’ »
A look at the ” Path” Jobs had to take during the keynote to prevent the demo iPhones from crashing.

BBC: ‘Sweating bullets’ – The inside story of the first iPhone »
Tony Fadell talks about the years of work leading up to the iPhone.

512 Pixels: On the Original iPhone’s Launch »
In 2013, I shared my experience as an Apple Retail employee the day the iPhone launched.

Daring Fireball: iPhone First Impressions »
I remember poring over John Gruber’s notes the day after the iPhone came out.

Ars Technica: iPhone in Depth »
Jacqui Cheng’s iPhone review.

Macworld: The iPhone: Complete Review »
Jason Snell’s iPhone review.

Backchannel: Phil Schiller on iPhone’s Launch »
Steven Levy’s interview with Phil Schiller on the next 50 years of iPhone.