Other World Computing has announced a new accessory for the 2016 MacBook Pro, as explained by Matt Gonzalez at MacRumors:

The DEC attaches to the bottom of the MacBook Pro by replacing the screws that hold on the bottom plate. This method won’t void your warranty, but it will allow for the dock to be securely attached at all times.


When considering the functionality of the dock, the size and weight compromises may be worth it. The DEC connects to the MacBook Pro over Thunderbolt 3 and will bring USB Type-A ports, Gigabit Ethernet, an SD Card Slot, and up to 4TB of storage. Additional features are also being considered, such as an expanded battery pack.

With the DEC attached, the 2016 MacBook Pro’s thickness will match that of the 2012 MacBook Pro’s. A short USB-C cable is required to connect the notebook to the coaster base dock accessory.

The renders and hands-on video show this thing really is just a prototype at this point, but OWC says it will ship in the coming months.

It’s easy to make fun of the DEC,1 but I’m sure there are users who will pick this up, especially if it packs a battery.