Twenty Years Ago, Apple Announced Newton Subsidiary »

Twenty years ago, Apple announced the creation of a subsidiary to run the Newton program:

The new company, to be named at a later date, will provide customers with market-driven products and technologies, based on the award-winning Newton operating system, in conjunction with its licensees, value-added resellers, and systems integrators.

The press release is complete with a quote from Dr. Gilbert F. Amelio, Apple’s Chairman and CEO:

Over the past year, we have seen the Newton Systems Group launch compelling products based on the Newton operating system. We believe that the time is right to establish the group as a focused entity. This decision allows the new subsidiary to pursue its business and create the marketing and operating strategies it needs to succeed.

This new company took over the Newton 2000 and eMate 300, and would later release the Newton 2100.

History can be unkind to these kind of things. Check out this bit:

“eMate 300 is part of Apple’s long-term strategy and vision for education technology, ” said Mike Lorion, vice president of Apple’s Education Division. “We will continue to aggressively market and support the product. We are looking forward to working closely with the Newton team on future versions of the eMate to continue to meet the unique requirements of educators and students.”

The eMate and MessagePad would be cancelled just ten months later in February 1998 by Steve Jobs.