World Emoji Day 

Today is World Emoji Day. Started by Emojipedia founder and very handsome man Jeremy Burge in 2014, it’s a day to celebrate the tiny icons that have taken over much of our communication.

To help mark the day, Apple is previewing the new emoji coming to the company’s operating systems later this year. Beyond the press release, Apple Podcasts is getting into the day in a big way:

Over on iTunes, the Movies store has emojified a bunch of movie titles.

The date for World Emoji Day is not random, as the holiday’s FAQ mentions:

July 17 is famously 🙌 displayed on the iOS Calendar Emoji, which makes it the perfect date for 🌏 World Emoji Day.

July 17 has been part of Apple’s calendaring history for a long time. If you use a Mac, this should be a familiar site:

iCal for the Mac was introduced at MacWorld new York in 2002 on — you guessed it — July 17.