Dropbox Professional →

Todd Jackson at Dropbox, after some mumbo jumbo I tried reading before blacking out:

That’s why we’re launching Dropbox Professional, a new plan that lets you store, share, and track your work from one place. It’s designed specifically for independent workers, and it comes with two new features: Dropbox Showcase and Dropbox Smart Sync.

The new $19.99/mo plan comes with 1 TB of data, like the $9.99/mo Plus plan that I’ve been using for a while. All of the various plans can be seen here.

Dropbox Showcase is a new way for users to share and publish files for others to interact with. The far more interesting feature is Dropbox Smart Sync, which grants access to every folder and file in your account in Finder, without the need to sync everything to your local disk.

Ultimately, this isn’t a big enough temptation for me to pay twice what I’m paying now for Dropbox. I have several folders un-synced with my computers, and just go to the website if I need to access them. If this new plan came with more storage, I may feel differently, but for now, I’m staying on my $9.99/mo plan.