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Screenshot of Timing

Time is your most precious resource. You need to know how you are spending it.

But time tracking sucks. Big Time. (Pun intended.)

Timing fixes that.
It automatically tracks which apps, documents and websites you use — without start/stop timers. See how you spend your time, eliminate distracting activities, and improve your client billing.

I recently uninstalled my Twitter client from my iMac after seeing how often I had it in the foreground. It was a little shocking, and Timing helped show me how much time I was wasting with it. Because Timing is aware of the apps that are running, this was an easy task to complete.

Timing lets you stop worrying about time and focus on doing your best work instead! Mind you, this data is super sensitive, so Timing keeps it safe on your Mac.

Not convinced yet? Download the free 14-day trial today and get 10% off until the end of November.

Timing is also available on Setapp, the service that gives you access to more than 100 great Mac apps for just $9.99 per month.