The Tale of Two Qi Chargers

Earlier this week, I picked up Samsung’s $25 Qi wireless charger, based on Wirecutter’s review to use with my iPhone X.

I have not been impressed. While I like the white design, the charger is tall, with my iPhone sitting a good bit off the surface of the table. The top is slippery, and my caseless-iPhone wants to spin around the top of the charger if I don’t sit it down slowly.

The big deal breaker is the LED. Most wireless chargers have a light to indicate that the phone is placed correctly, but the Samsung’s LED is a bright blue that glows at the front edge of the charger. There’s a blue glow that extends out and down across the surface of the desk.

I could tape over the LED, but that would be pretty ugly looking in and of

I don’t like the light, but it’s not a big deal here in my office. However, the Samsung is way too bright for use on my nighstand, so I picked up the $60 Mophie option from the Apple Store.

It’s more expensive, but better in every way. The height is far less, so the iPhone sits closer to the surface of the table its on. There’s one small LED that is not very bright. I haven’t minded it on my nightstand at all.

Best of all, the top of the black charger is covered in grippy rubber, so the iPhone doesn’t want to move around.1 If you’re looking for a Qi charger, I’ve been happy with the Mophie.

  1. I’ve read that some people have woken up to find that their iPhone has vibrated its way off the charging coils. Maybe its because my iPhone is in DND at night, but I haven’t had this issue with the Mophie.