The Way Forward for the MacBook Pro’s Keyboard »

Marco Arment has outlined what Apple should do with the next MacBook Pro to fix the errors with the current design:

The best laptop to ever exist should be in the future, not the past.

There’s a lot to like about the new MacBook Pros, but they need some changes to be truly great and up to Apple’s standards.

All in all, I agree with everything in the post, as I sit here, typing this on a last-generation model.

I don’t think we’ll get everything Marco lists in his article;1 keyboard improvements seem the most likely to me.

I suspect putting in the far-superior Magic Keyboard in the MacBook Pro may be a bridge too far for Apple’s design team, but something has to be done to toughen up this keyboard.

Until then, I think Apple should open a Repair Extension Program for this issue. Early examples of the Late 2016 MacBook Pro are starting to fall out of limited warranty, and sticking customers with a $450 repair for a broken key is pretty poor form.

  1. I’d gladly trade in the Touch Bar for an SD card slot, though.