Amazon Prime Video Ships for Apple TV 

Months after it was initially announced, the Amazon Prime Video is now available for the Apple TV.

The app comes with many of the features of the iOS version, including X-Ray, which provides additional information on actors and trivia based on scenes. Watch lists created on other versions of the app sync to the Apple TV one, and content within Amazon’s ecosystem is exposed to tvOS’ universal search.

There’s no word if this means Amazon will be selling the Apple TV on its store again, but this news comes as the rift between Google and Amazon grows. Amazon seems to love getting into fights with competitors.

Update: As Casey Liss pointed out, the app has launched in conjunction with the second season of The Grand Tour, the show that rose from the ashes of Top Gear. Season 1 of the new show was used to launch Amazon Prime Video in many more countries. I have no idea if there’s more than “just politics” behind this app taking so long to make it out, but I bet once Fall 2017 was on the table, the launch was set to coincide with The Grand Tour.