iOS Snow Leopard →

Ina Fried at Axios:

Apple has shaken up its iOS software plans for 2018, delaying some features to next year in an effort to put more focus on addressing performance and quality issues, Axios has learned.

Software head Craig Federighi announced the revised plan to employees at a meeting earlier this month, shortly before he and some top lieutenants headed to a company offsite.

Fried goes on to report that larger iOS projects, like a revamped home screen and CarPlay UI are now slated for 2019, being pushed back to make room for a year of bug fixing and polish.

That would be a bold choice in the mobile space, but in taking their foot of the gas, I hope Apple can address some core issues in iOS. That said, High Sierra was a release framed this way, and it has had a litany of problems since its launch in the fall.

If iOS 12 is a bit of a sleeper, what does that mean for macOS in 2018? Will High Sierra stick around for two years, or will macOS 10.14 be a bigger change than previously expected?

One theory is that this will give Marzipan more room. If iOS developers are given the tools to make macOS apps from their existing code, a lack of new iOS features could give them the time to do so.