New Entry-Level MacBook Rumored »

Remember the recent rumor that said Apple was going to lower the price of the $999 MacBook Air? It seems that another piece of the Mac puzzle is coming into view, thanks to Digitimes:

Apple is preparing to release a new entry-level MacBook at the end of the second quarter with a price tag expected to be about the same level as that of the existing MacBook Air or slightly higher, according to Digitimes Research.

What would this machine be like? The report goes on:

The 13.3-inch panels for the new notebook feature the same resolution as Apple’s 13.3-inch MacBook Pro at 2,560 by 1,600.

That is interesting. A $999-ish, 13-inch machine would prove pretty popular, I bet. The report uses the name MacBook, but I don’t see Apple adding a slightly-larger machine to that line. If the 12-inch MacBook was to branch out into a line of products, a 13-inch machine seems like a weird way to do it. Whatever happens, it seems like a lot of changes are in store for Apple’s notebooks this year.