Evernote Cuts Plan Prices, Executives Leave →

Dani Deahl, The Verge:

Evernote is currently offering a sale on its Premium membership, slashing its yearly subscription price from $70 down to a much more reasonable $42. The company offered the same deal earlier this year. If you’re interested in grabbing the deal, it’s available now on Evernote’s site. It only applies if you pay one lump sum for the annual subscription.

When Evernote drastically raised it prices, many people I know finally left the service. It was just one more blow against an application that feels like it’s on the ropes. Then there is this news, as reported by Ingrid Lunden at TechCrunch:

TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that in the last month, Evernote lost several of its most senior executives, including its CTO Anirban Kundu, CFO Vincent Toolan, CPO Erik Wrobel and head of HR Michelle Wagner beyond the usual attrition of engineers and designers.


A person who tipped TechCrunch off to the executive departures gave a slightly more blunt and uncharitable spin on the state of affairs. “Evernote is in a death spiral,” the tipster claimed. “Paid user growth and active users have been flat for the last six years and their enterprise product offering has not caught on.”

If this is an accurate description, it would pose a tough challenge for the company as it eyes up another round of funding.

I used Evernote for many, many years, including in a team setting at a former job. However, when Apple’s Notes app got its big overhaul, I switched to it and haven’t looked back. Clearly I’m not alone in moving to an alternative.