Inside Apple’s New Macs

The 2018 MacBook Air and Mac mini are out in the world, and that means we know a lot more about what’s going on under the hood of these new machines.

iFixit has taken apart the new notebook, and there are a few interesting things to note:

  • It has the exact same keyboard as the 2018 MacBook Pros, membrane and all.
  • The battery can be replaced separate from the top case, unlike other modern Mac notebooks.
  • It does indeed have a fan.

The group has also taken apart the new Mac mini, as Quinn at Snazzy Labs:

In his video, Quinn shows how to upgrade the RAM. It’s not nearly as easy as it used to be, and should only be done by people who have been trained to do so, or who really know what they are doing.

Like the Air, the SSD modules are part of the logic board in the Mini. Welcome to the T2 era.