Kbase Article of the Week: Mac OS X 10.4.2 or Later: Installing and Removing Dashboard Widgets »

Apple Support:

Downloading, installing, and removing Dashboard widgets has been greatly improved in Mac OS X 10.4.2 and later. For the best widget installation experience, be sure to update to the latest version of Mac OS X 10.4.

In short, when you ran a Dashboard widget for the first time, it was in “test drive” mode, meaning you had to tell Mac OS X you wanted to keep it installed after playing around with it the first time.

To remove a widget, Apple made a Widget Manager for easily uninstalling unwanted widgets:

In 10.4 and 10.4.1, this process was way worse:

  1. In the Finder, choose Home from the Go menu.
  2. Open the Library folder.
  3. Open the Widgets folder.
  4. Look for the widget that you want to remove from the Dashboard Widget Bar, and drag it out of the Widgets folder. If you want to delete it, put it in the Trash and empty the Trash.