DEVONthink Turns 20 →

It’s a big week for 20th anniversaries, as DEVONthink is enjoying a birthday as well:

“It was on a rainy April night in 2002 when Christian and Eric let DEVONthink 1.0 see the light of the internet for the first time…” But no worries, we won’t bore you with the whole history of DEVONthink from the days when its brain-in-a-fishglass only knew very few document types to the excavation of the ammonite that became its logo and to where we are now. Fact is, this month we are celebrating its 20th anniversary.

To celebrate, DEVONthink is on sale this weekend. It’s a fantastic time to check it out. I’ve got 136 GB of technology history resources in DEVONthink and it’s critical to my work when diving into old computer stuff.