The Apple Computer Loan →

Apple, back in 1997:

Apple Computer, Inc. today announced a new credit option for college-bound youth to make buying a Macintosh as easy as using one. Kicked-off on June 1, the ongoing Apple Computer Loan program is the latest innovation from the Company that offers the world’s first 300 megahertz home computer and the world’s fastest notebook computer. Along with making it easier for consumers to buy a Mac, Apple expects the program to benefit retailers by giving them another payment option for customers. Having already achieved success with similar loan programs for college students buying on campus and for educators, the new Apple Loan Program is designed for individuals who buy at retail stores.

“At Apple, we understand that a computer purchase is considered a major investment for most individuals, especially for students heading to college. With our Apple Computer Loan, we want to make buying a Macintosh as easy as using one,” said Mike Muench, vice president of Consumer and Small Business markets at Apple. “The Apple Computer Loan is remarkably easy to use, addresses limited incomes associated with many college students and offers them deferred principle payments until they graduate, or for up to four years.”