My Evolving Setup

Last week, I was putting things together for an upcoming episode of Mac Power Users1 and came across a few old posts in which I shared my Apple setups. I thought it would be fun to put them all in one place:

  • October 2009: This was my desk in the first apartment my wife and I lived in after getting married. It was about a year after I started this blog and our oldest son was 11 months old. Now he’s 14.
  • September 2010: That was a very good iPad wallpaper.
  • December 2011: I believe this was my first home screen post over on David Sparks’ site. The images seem lost to time.
  • October 2012: I have no idea why I didn’t take any photos for this one. One star.
  • March 2014: The desk featured in this article was at the last company I worked for. We would launch Relay FM about six months later.
  • September 2014: Sparks’ site does have these images! I look so young.
  • September 2015: After I quit my job to go indie, I split my time between a home office (shown below) and this space, which I rented with my brother’s non-profit.
  • August 2016: This setup was outlined right before I moved into my current studio. This desk was shoved into what was a spare bedroom in our house that is now home to our youngest son.
  • September 2018: I was really excited about this one and I love that photo.
  • March 2020: It’s amazing how little my homescreen has changed over the last three years.

If you want a much more updated accounting of things, check out my Gear & Studio page.

  1. It will be published on Sunday, January 8.