Sofa Launches on Vision Pro and Mac →

Shawn Hickman’s excellent app Sofa has arrived on two more platforms:

I’m happy to announce that Sofa is now available on the Mac and Vision Pro!

I had originally planned to have Sofa ready for Vision Pro when it launched in February, but I was deep in the middle of working on Sofa 4.0 (which launched in April). During May, I was focused mostly on 4.0 bug fixes and prepping for my trip to WWDC in early June.

Up to this point, you’ve technically be able use Sofa’s iPad app on the Mac and Vision Pro, but this new version of Sofa is built specifically for the Mac and Vision Pro. There is still a lot more work to be done for these apps, especially the Mac, but this is a good improvement over the existing iPad versions.

Sofa is one of those cool indie apps that just exudes care. If you’re looking for a way to organize the books you want to read, media you want to watch, and more, Sofa is the perfect app for getting them out of that old Apple Note you’ve been using.