A Fleet of Power Mac G5s »

Daniel Knight at LowEndMac has taken on quite the project:

A couple weeks ago I picked up 12 used Power Mac G5s for free, and I already had five at home, including one dual-core machine. One of these has no power supply (I bought a single CPU model for less than a used power supply for my dual processor G5 would have cost me). Some of the newly acquired ones have no RAM, no video cards, and/or no hard drives. But except for the three 1.6 GHz machines and the dual-core model, they all take the same memory. Further, I can readily swap drives and video cards, giving the fastest machines better configurations.

This article really made me miss the old Mac towers. I hope the upcoming Mac Pro is a return to form in terms of upgradability over time.

Corel Buying Parallels »

Corel — the makers of CorelDraw and WordPerfect, among other things — is purchasing Parallels, the virtualization company, according to Ingrid Lunden at TechCrunch:

Employees at Parallels were briefed on the acquisition Tuesday, one source said. Terms have not been disclosed, but we understand it is an all-cash deal.

The acquisition is expected to close in December, and the companies will make the news public then. From what we understand, Corel will keep Parallels as an independent product.

I’m not trying to be funny, but I honestly didn’t know Corel was still around. I hope they do right by Parallels on the Mac.

Kbase Article of the Week: System 7: The Desktop Button Replaces the “Drive” Button »

Apple Support:

The Drive button in the Open, Save, and Save As dialog boxes has been replaced by the “Desktop” button. When you click the Desktop button, you will see all of the hard disks, floppies, file servers, and folders that you have on your Macintosh desktop. To move to a specific disk, you can go directly to the disk you want, without having to move sequentially from one disk drive to the next.

This is one of those examples where Apple’s change makes sense from a user perspective, but not a logical one. When your computer’s hard drives shows up on the Desktop, it makes sense that you would navigate to the Desktop to access them all, even though it’s bonkers if you stop and think it through for a moment.

The One Where I Announce I’m Joining Mac Power Users 

When I first started listening to podcasts, one of the first shows I subscribed to was Mac Power Users. Over the years, I’ve learned a ton from David and Katie. There are many parts of my daily computing workflow that I first heard about on MPU.

In 2015, MPU joined Relay FM. In our announcement, I wrote:

I’ve listened to Apple podcasts for a long time, and with over 250 episodes published, Mac Power Users has been a constant listen of mine for years.

Mac Power Users isn’t just a podcast; it’s an institution. The guest list is impressive, with greats like Rod Roddenberry, Merlin Mann, Aisha Tyler and David Allen making appearances.

On this week’s episode, Katie announced that she is stepping away from the podcast almost ten years after the first episode. I will genuinely miss hearing her back and forth with David, her passion for technology and her uncanny ability to explain complex topics with ease.

Katie is leaving big shoes to fill, and it’s why I was deeply humbled when David asked me to step in as his new cohost. I am beyond thrilled to announce that I will be taking up the mantle on Mac Power Users starting in January.

Before I became a full-time podcaster, I had a lengthy Mac-centered IT career, and I love the platform. I think it has a long, bright future.

That’s not to say I’m not an iOS user as well. While I am not all-in on the iPad like the other guys on Connected, I am enthusiastic about the future of work on iOS.

It’s a great time to be an Apple nerd.1

David and I have been hard at work planning our first episodes. If you are a MPU listener, let me put your mind at ease: we aren’t radically changing what has made the show so good for so long. We will still be diving deep into topics, comparing apps, interviewing guests and getting our nerd on about all sorts of topics.

If you don’t subscribe to Mac Power Users, I’d encourage you to check it out. It’s pretty different from my other shows, and a challenge I look forward to meeting each and every week.

  1. Unless your fingers are crossed for better gaming on tvOS. 

Six Minutes of Terror »

Tomorrow’s a big day for space nerds. NASA will be landing its newest remote robotic outpost on Mars, as William Hardwood writes:

After a six-month voyage from Earth, NASA’s InSight Mars lander, streaking through space at at some 12,300 mph, will slam into the thin martian atmosphere Monday afternoon to begin a nail-biting six-and-a-half-minute descent to the surface, kicking off a billion-dollar mission to probe the red planet’s hidden interior.

If it makes it to the surface safely, InSight will help us understand the internal structure of Mars, giving us new … insight … into how our own world was formed.

Update: InSight is safe and sound on the Martian surface.

Connected #219: Your Best Friend, Base64 »

This week on Connected:

Stephen formalizes a new show segment, Federico is making magic in Shortcuts and Myke has thoughts about picture frames.

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The 512 Pixels Holiday Gift Guide for People Like Me 

I’m happy to present the 2018 edition of the 512 Pixels Holiday Gift Guide for People Like Me:

  1. Maybe next year!