The Mac Pro Hasn’t Been Revised in 1,000 Days 

Apple’s Mac Pro crossed a milestone today: it’s been 1,000 days since its last revision.

One. Thousand. Days.

Here’s how that number stands up over time, according to MacRumors:

Mac Pro dates

Current rumors point to a revision to the desktop coming in the spring with Skylake-E, which means this number is only going to get higher. Apple skipped a generation of Intel chips, and I think it’s easy to say at this point that was a mistake. The lack of a GPU upgrade in that time is even more baffling.

I think it’s far past time Apple knock some off the price of this machine. Selling three year old hardware at its launch price is pretty insulting to pro users.

iOS 10 Adds macOS Server Account Setup »

Brian Stucki at MacStadium:

Apple released iOS 10 today. This update brings all sorts of upgrades and features. There is one particular that is quite useful if you are running a Mac server to host your mail, notes, calendars and other features in macOS Server.

In past versions of iOS, you can easily setup with services like iCloud, Exchange, and Yahoo. Logging in will let you activate all their services like calendar and mail. With iOS 10 you can do this same thing with macOS server. Thanks to The Brooks Review for finding this new option.

Very cool. While I’m using iCloud and Google Apps, it’s about time macOS Server customers have an easier time connecting to their server for these data types.

The MacStories iOS 10 Review »

Federico Viticci:

Even without a clean slate, and with a release cycle that may begin to split across platforms, iOS 10 packs deep changes and hundreds of subtle refinements. The final product is a major leap forward from iOS 9 – at least for iPhone users.

At the same time, iOS 10 is more than a collection of new features. It’s the epitome of Apple’s approach to web services and AI, messaging as a platform, virtual assistants, and the connected home. And as a cornucopia of big themes rather than trivial app updates, iOS 10 shows another side of Apple’s strategy:

Sometimes, change is necessary.

Federico has published the definitive review of iOS 10. I’ve had the pleasure of reading it a couple of times now, and watching it evolve as he’s worked on it every day since WWDC.1

Even though I’m the resident Mac guy on our podcast, I do love and use iOS every day. iOS 10 brings a lot of new things to the platform, and Federico does an amazing job at not only explaining them, but offering analysis and insight into why so many fundamental things have changed this year.

Call in sick to work and dive in.

  1. Ticci works harder than anyone I know in the business. I’m super proud of what he’s done with his site and his work. Don’t tell him I got all emotional in this footnote. 

Liftoff #29: Solar System Sawdust: OSIRIS-REx & Asteroids »

OSIRIS-REx, NASA’s asteroid sampling mission, recently launched. Live from the XOXO Festival, Jason and I talk about the mission, its objectives and all about asteroids on the most recent episode of Liftoff.

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